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Woodbine, Maryland

Aqua-Air Technologies, Inc. Company Introduction

Aqua-Air Technologies, Inc. has over ten years of experience in the integration of electronic fluid control devices and the use of applied force fields for high efficient air filtration products. Through strategic partnerships, we manufacture and distribute a product line of highly advanced electronic air and water products for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The EnviroSept International Division produces and distributes our high efficient whole house air cleaner that is currently available in thirty-five standard sizes along with a multi-function portable room air cleaner. These products are available throughout the United States through our network of qualified heating/air conditioning contractors and other selected retail outlets.

The patented "EnviroSept" air cleaner is an enhanced media filter, utilizing the concept of dielectric polarization to effectively remove sub-micron particulate. The "EnviroSept", (less than one inch thick), was designed to directly replace any existing disposable filters or other type of air cleaners without the need for costly additional ductwork. This product has proven to be the most efficient and economical residential air cleaner on the market today.

For the past seven years, "EnviroSept", with it's superior construction, ease of installation, performance, and reliability has made it the air cleaner of choice for many of the large national HVAC contractors today. More important is the high level of customer satisfaction due to it's ease of handling, low maintenance, and it's high efficiency in the removal of air borne particulate, that leads to cleaner and healthier homes.

Our free standing portable console unit, containing the "EnviroSept" air cleaner, makes it the best product on the market today. It has the ability to remove a high percentage of air particulate while consuming less than 70 watts of power.

We were awarded a new patent on our technology in 1998, making the "EnviroSept" the only fully patented product in its class. This patent clearly establishes the "EnviroSept" as the most advanced air cleaner in it's class, and will provide long term protection for our technology as it pertains to our proprietary electronics and PolyWool collector media.

Other products may attempt to imitate, but they haven't duplicated the high standards of excellence that sets "EnviroSept" apart from all others with its unmatched quality of workmanship, materials, and performance.

The fluid control devices inhibit biological growth and prevent the precipitation of hard crystalline scale on heat transfer surfaces without the use of toxic chemicals normally associated conventional chemical treatment programs for swimming pools and cooling towers. The integration of these products have provided major increases in operating efficiencies while significantly reducing overall operating costs.

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