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Woodbine, Maryland
How difficult is it to install an EnviroSept Air Cleaner?
The EnviroSept was designed to be a direct easy replacement for any existing filter or any other electronic air cleaner. The EnviroSept will slide into any existing filter slot and the 24-volt power supply plugs into any nearby outlet.
What size EnviroSept Air Cleaner should I install in my home?
The EnviroSept comes in thirty-five standard sizes. Slide out your existing air filter and look for the size that is typically printed on the side. If your filter does not have a size indicated, simply measure the media or call us for further instructions.
How does the EnviroSept compare to the washable electrostatic filters found in stores and also advertised on radio?
Frankly, there is no comparison, as the EnviroSept is up to a thousand times more effective under normal operating conditions. Frictional electrostatic filters have been proven to be no more effective than standard throwaway fiberglass filters. In theory, the plastic/glass strands are supposed to develop a static electric charge as the air passes through the filter, much like when you comb your hair. However, you need very low humidity to create any type of low level static charge. This charge is quickly lost as soon as the filter collects any dust, which insulates the plastic/glass strands and prevents the generation of any static charge. It would appear that the only benefit these filters offer is that they are permanent. Further, you do have the dirty task of washing these filters every two-three months. In addition, these filters have been known to cause major air restriction problems after several years that may damage your heating/cooling system.
Does the EnviroSept create a snapping sound like the other electronic air cleaners?
Under normal operation, the EnviroSept does not make any snapping or other type of discharge sound. However, the EnviroSept may discharge if the collector pads become damp or overloaded with contaminants. Also, it may discharge if the outer screen is dented or a wire is broken. The customer can easily correct this type of problem.
I have a neighbor with an air cleaner that looks a lot like the EnviroSept and they only have to change their media pads every three to four months. Why do I need to change the media in my EnviroSept every month?
If you are looking for something negative about the EnviroSept, then you found it! The EnviroSept is an extremely high efficient air cleaner that loads with contaminants much more rapidly than the other low-performing look-alike. The EnviroSept has been demonstrated to capture more contaminants in one month than most others do in three-four months. We believe that the five minutes that it takes to change the collector pads every month is a small cost for such high performance, that we simply can't apologize for it.

What happens if I leave my EnviroSept in too long?

If you don't check the EnviroSept on a monthly basis, the unit may become overload with contaminants and restrict airflow. When the airflow is restricted, the heating/cooling system will have to run for a longer period of time in order to satisfy the thermostat setting. The furnace may also cycle on and off as the fan/limit switch senses that the furnace temperature is too high and turns off the furnace until the plenum cools off.
Why do I still see some dust in my house?
The EnviroSept is very efficient at removing air particulate that passes into the air cleaner. However, several factors need to be kept in mind when using the EnviroSept. First, the fan must be operational at all times in order to remove air particulate or the larger particles will rapidly settle out of the air. Second, the larger particles can settle out of the air before they reach the return air ducts per the chart on settling rates. This is dependent upon the location of the supply and return air registers. Third, notice that when you vacuum your carpets, a lot of the finer particles are discharged into the air and then later settle out. These particles are very noticeable when you shine a light on your vacuums discharge vent.
Why do the pads in my EnviroSept sometimes turn black?
This is a common question that we receive, especially in the wintertime. During most of the year, the collector pads will change color throughout from a snowy white to a dirty gray. However, in the wintertime, customers with oil or gas furnaces will see the collector pads turn to a dark gray or black from the hydrocarbons in the air as a result of the combustion of fuels. Customers that burn candles or have wood stoves and fireplaces will experience the same results. This serves as a testimonial to the highly efficient performance of the EnviroSept, as it removes the smallest sub-micron particles that other devices can't begin to remove.
What is the recommended mode of operation for my heating/cooling system?
The fan in the heating/cooling system should be set in the always on position, instead of the auto mode. The EnviroSept can't clean the air and reduce dust if the fan is not running. Further, there is the added benefit of eliminating the hot and cold spots in the home by circulating the air constantly.
Do I need to change both collector pads every month?
Only if someone in the home smokes on a regular basis. The high efficiency of the EnviroSept is very effective in capturing the sub-micron cigarette smoke, which is loaded with tar and nicotine, causing the pads to become very sticky. Otherwise, you can change only one pad by rotating them. Throw away the first pad in front where the air enters, as it loads with the large dust as well as the smaller particles. Then shake the fine particles from the second pad outside and move it to the front, replacing it with a clean pad.
Is it expensive to operate the EnviroSept Air Cleaner?
No! The EnviroSept consumes about the same amount of power as a doorbell. Therefore it costs less than a dollar a year to operate compared with other electronic air cleaners that can cost from $50-$75 annually.
Can I use any kind of the standard filter media found in hardware stores in my EnviroSept?
No! The performance of the EnviroSept may be substantially reduced and/or the electronics may be damaged when it shorts out with certain types of media. The PolyWool media used in the EnviroSept is a dry, non-sticky blend of fibers that do not contain latex or a variety of adhesives that are required to aid in the capture of air pollutants for other filters. The importance of the PolyWool media is that it is highly influenced by the high voltage charge that is applied to the center screen, which leads to a very high capture rate of indoor pollutants.
Will the EnviroSept eliminate pet and cooking odors in my home?
Most odors in the home are particle borne. It has been demonstrated that if you can remove these particles, the odors are also removed. This is especially true with tobacco smoke. Therefore, the high efficiency of the EnviroSept enables it to remove a high percentage of sub-micron particles, making it very effective at reducing and eliminating many of these odors in the home.
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